Hello all you restless souls out there, this is Harry Bond, and here at “Harry’s Night Delight”, Night Vale’s #1 coffee shop, every customer is guaranteed special treatment, so take a seat and relax!

[WTNV OCs; FCs: Tom Hardy & Mariska Hargitay; NSFW stuff will be tagged; Mun & Muses of age; also tagging all triggers I can think of]

[active M!As:

Harry: crimson, waist-long hair (until Wed, 8 AM EST)

Johanna: none]

Harry's Night Delight
The one-stop coffee shop


-chuckles, makes a small cheeping sound with his teeth and waves his arm to call him over-

*comes walking over to him* Hey darling. *gives him a gentle hug and a kiss*

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[text] it was a joke there is no pit
[text] I’m sure I can find one this is Night Vale after all

[text] I’m out back!!

*comes outside after a little while, hands in his pockets, looking out for Cecil* Cecil? *light grin* Give me a chirp, hummingbird!

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[text] hey angel


[text] but no actually meet me outside

[Text] What pit even?
[Text] Let me just put some pants on, I’ll be there in a minute

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+ I was considering working in the coffee shop until Harry is okay again, but then I remembered that I can’t make anything but plain black coffee, even if it cost my life. +


We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

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Petition for all the crazy Raúl fans to call ourselves the "Sparzans". Our war cry: "This is madness. This is 'sparza!" (Also I'm not sure if I'm proud or ashamed of this but I'm posting it anyway HA.)



That is a glorious idea, and you should feel very proud.

There’s that German word “Spargeltarzan” for very long and skinny boys and now I feel somewhat irritated :P

I am German and that didn’t even cross my mind for a second. xD

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Best of Mark Ruffalo at San Diego Comic Con 2014

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