Hello all you restless souls out there, this is Harrison Bond, and here at “Harry’s Night Delight”, Night Vale’s #1 coffee shop, every customer is guaranteed special treatment, so take a seat and relax!

[WTNV OCs; FCs: Tom Hardy & Mariska Hargitay; NSFW stuff will be tagged; Mun & Muses of age; also tagging all triggers I can think of]

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Harry's Night Delight
The one-stop coffee shop



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[[I’m following like 12 Raúl Esparza fan blogs, can’t anyone start a photo spam on my dash or something? ;w;]]

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[[Someone on my dash reblogged something from a blog named bro-sephiroth, and since I’m not following them, and the url of that person who reblogged the thing is rather long, it was cut off after “bro-seph” and now I’m dying.]]

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You know, StrexCorp is like the worst thing that could be in this world, but somehow I do enjoy the idea of a smiling God…


why isn’t anybody taking more pictures of raúl esparza and putting them on the internet

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I was just talking about some of Cecil’s interns for reasons, and when I wanted to mention a certain very first one, my mind was already a step ahead of me, so I ended up saying “Christan”, and now I’m laughing really hard.

[quiet phone call to the house]



*picks up the phone* Hello! Harry Bond, speaking!

I’ve heard good things about her.

You’ve heard about her? Where?

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